Leave it to the impatient

I realize this stands counter to everything our culture tells us, but sometimes it is good to wait. The desire to be first is strong. We all want to have the newest, fastest, coolest things… clothes, shoes, cars… and especially anything tech. I could go through an entire list of reasons we should all work on our patience, but I want to talk about the technology – hardware and software.

Technology changes so fast that it’s difficult to keep up… and you shouldn’t even try. That’s right, stop trying. In fact, I purposefully avoid it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be aware of the newest advancements, just don’t be the first to adopt it. Whether it’s buying the brand new model or updating the newest software the day it’s released… save yourself the grief.

Both hardware and software companies are pushing so hard to get their products to market that they’re not taking the time necessary to fully test and work out any issues. Guess who gets to work out the ‘issues’? Well, not me… but plenty of other impatient folks who are willing to sacrifice stability for ‘shiny’. I’m speaking from experience.

So, don’t be first in line for that new phone or that updated OS. Just hang out around the back and see how it goes. Once the new ‘updates’ frenzy has subsided and your precocious family and friends have finally stopped complaining about how they should have waited… step on up and get yourself the second generation. You can thank them for testing it for you.

10 Reasons Why Waiting is Good for You

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